Amazon Brand Registry Service

Learn what it means to register your brand on Amazon and how important this is to protect your brand and your listing content.

Are you concerned that your company lacks the staff or expertise to manage this process?

Why not let JOYHOME LLC manage this entire process for you?

What is Brand Registry?

The NEW Amazon Brand Registry program (2017) is available to sellers who manufacture or sell their own branded products. In addition, manufacturers can enroll their brands in the Amazon Brand Registry and register as brand owners. The Amazon Brand Registry aims to make it easier for sellers to manage their brands and list their products on Amazon.

2017 Update: Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 was just released in May 2017. If you were previously enrolled in Brand Registry 1.0 – you are not automatically enrolled in BR 2.0.


The Brand Registry enables you to:

  1. Influence the product detail information for your branded products: As the registered brand owner, you will have increased influence in editing the information on product detail pages for your registered branded products, which helps you specify the correct titles, details, images, and other attributes for your branded products.
  2. List products without standard product IDs: Registering your brand enables you to specify an alternative unique identifier that you can use to list your branded products instead of a standard product ID (UPC, EAN or JAN). 
  3. Helps you protect your registered trademarks
  4. Provides access to new tools such as proprietary text and image search, predictive automation based on your reports of suspected intellectual property rights violations.


Manufacturers/Brand Owners will need to provide the following items:

  1. An image of your product packaging with branding visible on the packaging.
  2. An image of a product with your branding visible on the product itself.
  3. Link to an active website that displays your brand or products.
  4. Your brand must have a registered trademark. Trademark must be the “standard character mark”. For USPTO marks, the Mark Drawing type MUST be = to 4” STANDARD CHARACTER MARK or 1” TYPESET WORD(S)/LETTER(S)/NUMBER(S)). Trademark must match the name printed on product and/or packaging.

Important: Amazon requires an active website to validate your brand’s eligibility for the Amazon Brand Registry. Your brand will be eligible for the Amazon Brand Registry only if it has a website or it is displayed in your company’s website.

How can JOYHOME LLC Help?

Quite simply…dealing with Amazon is often a nightmare of an ordeal. It can take weeks/months to become registered if you don’t understand Amazon and their way of operating with sellers. We have successfully registered our own brands, so we know the way. Let us manage the process for you so you can focus on your own business and brand development.

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