We Help Manufacturers and Brand Owners Regain Control of Their Brand

How do we Know that we Can Solve Your Brand Problems?

Because we Sell Brands like Yours Online Every Day!

Suppliers tell us that they experience one or more of the following problems:

  1. Wildly fluctuating and Diving Prices: With multiple sellers (including Amazon itself) on their listings, brand pricing has lost integrity. Many sellers price either wildly high just to appear on the listing for research purposes or the seller prices wildly low, violating your MAP pricing.
  2. MAP Violations: MAP violations create angst among your brick & mortar retailer partners.
  3. Lack of Expertise: Brands often lack the expertise needed to effectively manage all the “moving parts” of the various marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Walmart).
  4. Inventory Management: Brands with a growing number of products find it increasingly difficult to keep the right products in stock at Amazon warehouses.

Ways We Add Value to Your Brand

What Sets us Apart?

Think about this fact for a moment. There are more than 2 million 3rd party sellers just on Amazon.com alone! That means when these buy and sell your product on Amazon….these sellers don’t do anything but sell your product. They couldn’t care less about your brand. They simply compete for the buy box to make a sale. And don’t even think for a minute these sellers care about product reviews or customer satisfaction.

In essence, the run-of-the-mill seller adds NO VALUE to your brand. They merely piggyback on your existing brand reputation.

Enter Joyhome brand Team…

We have long been an online retailer of physical products of all kinds. We are constantly buying from our suppliers and selling on top eCommerce platforms (e.g. Amazon). But our priority is not to just sell your products, but to also implement strategies to increase your market share.

When WE sell your products online, we seek to ensure that your brand is protected. And even better, sales and profit growth for your brand(s).

When we succeed, you succeed. It’s a Win-Win-Win scenario for you, us, and the customer!

And best of all, we charge NO FEES. We profit the same way we always have….by making a reasonable profit margin on the products we buy from our suppliers (YOU) for resale online. That’s it!

Click on the image below to learn how you can benefit by working with Joyhome Brand Team.

Our Core Capabilities


The enforcement of your MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy is the top issue facing brand owners today. We are well equipped to help you

  • Create and Implement a MAP policy for your brand(s)
  • Enforce existing policy
  • Assist in eliminating non-compliant sellers who care ONLY about making a sale at the lowest price possible


Few brands understand what it takes to optimize product listings for the search engine algorithms of the top eCommerce platforms. This is what we do. Joyhome Brand Team specializes in listing optimization and we can ensure that your products are listed in a manner that ensures you have the best images, sales copy, and keywords for the highest possible sales volume.


Want us to manage the Amazon Brand Registry Process for you? We know the potential pitfalls because we’ve registered some of our own brands. So rely on us.


As an online retailer ourselves, we order and stock inventory for eCommerce as our primary business. As such, we are well equipped to help our brand partners deal with challenges involving inventory processing and fulfillment.


Joyhome Brand Team understands what it takes to rank product listings for eCommerce search engines. We also specialize in “internal” advertising techniques such as Amazon Sponsored Ads which can be highly effective in boosting a products ranking during product launch and beyond.


Amazon Brand Registry is a great way to increase your influence and control in editing the information on product detail pages for your registered branded products, which then helps you to specify the correct titles, details, images, and other attributes for your branded products. But, and this is a big one, brand registry does NOT prevent other sellers from selling your products on Amazon. This is another continuing source of confusion and frustration for many brand owners.

We can help by referring you to specialists in what is referred to as”‘brand gating”. Having your brand “gated” helps by ensuring that unauthorized sellers are indeed prevented from selling your products on Amazon. Larger, household name brands (e.g. Nike, Hasbro, and many more) have already had their Amazon listings gated. Why shouldn’t you enjoy similar benefits?

If this is an issue for you, then by all means let’s discuss it.


Are you launching new products? Unsure what steps to take toward the most effective launch? Let us manage this process for you.


Do you encounter counterfeit products being sold on your online listings? By partnering with Joyhome Brand Team, we’ll work with you to eliminate unauthorized sellers who deliver counterfeit products to customers. As for us…you can be assured that only genuine products ever get delivered to customers.


You can also expect us to proactively manage customer feedback. Product reviews are important. We will manage and report customer feedback for you to ensure that your brand is always seen in the best possible light.

Complimentary Marketing Services For Our Brand Partners

Helping You Attract New Customers

Most 3rd party resellers ad zero value to a brand. Instead, all they do is ride of the coattails of the brand equity that you’ve built.

We takes a much different approach.

When we start to buy products from your for resale, our goal is to help your brand attract new customers and increase market share by leveraging our advertising & marketing talents – and when we succeed, so do you.

In addition, you can also expect us to proactively manage product feedback from current customers to ensure your brand is always seen in the best possible light.

We Don’t Succeed Unless YOU Suceed

Formula for Success:

Amazon is an unique e-Commerce opportunity and if you successfully tap into the power of Amazon, it can become one of your biggest sales channels. But Amazon is highly complicated with many inconsistencies and idiosyncrasies to learn and deal with. Before choosing clients to work with, we will discuss the 4 key components that are a must before we will move forward.

Those components are:


Do we believe in the product quality? Is there a demand or audience for the product? Do we know it will sell? How is the packaging? Is it priced competitively? Can be believe in in and can we get excited about it?


It’s important that we work with people who we enjoy, and with whom we can openly and regularly communicate. Working with Amazon can be a real challenge, and we will work together to meet that challenge.


We have a proven process for successfully selling on Amazon. Most sellers do not have knowledge or a system for successfully selling on Amazon. We know what we are doing. And we do not make any money unless our client’s are successful.

There are a few critical actions that must be performed well to be successful on Amazon

  1. Rank on Page One for Critical Keywords
  2. Continue to Optimize Listings
  3. Manage Customer Service
  4. Get 5 Star Product Reviews and Seller Feedback
  5. Manage Inventory

As Amazon FBA experts, our responsibility is to achieving all these objectives.


We must believe the product(s) can be successful enough to create a reasonable profit for the client and for us.

Were are we sale